We at always enjoy a good party…
If you would like to book our CTO (TheMadHatter), who also happens to be a DJ from time to time, please write to the address provided on the contacts page…
He only spins at Fetish, Wave, 80s, Industrial, Chiptune or Psychedelic events.
Some of his references are as follows:

Deadlock (Munich)
Tanz den Untergang (Munich)
Exit:Bizarre Festival (Munich)
Grosses gemeinsames Jahresendfest (Munich)
Nekropolis (Munich and Nuremberg)
Wave Gotik Treffen Beyerhaus Keller (Leipzig)
Wave Gotik Treffen elipamanoke (Leipzig)
Operation Schneeflocke (Nuremberg)
SMJG / Private Play Partys (Munich and Nuremberg)
Sub Rosa Dictum (Munich)
Geheimer Garten (Munich)
Anderswelt (Munich)
Paintasy (Nuremberg)
Paingame (Nuremberg)

… and many others he was too drunk to remember the names of.